after school (spring PROgrams)




Our after-school programs offer something for everyone. Opportunities include dance, music and voice lessons, culinary skills and healthy living, and the STEAM programs. Discover and enhance your artistic talents or learn valuable self-defense skills with the help of our knowledgeable teachers and volunteer instructors.


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Fees: Annual Membership + $25 Activity Fee


Arts programs are provided with support from the Regional Arts Commission. Programs vary by session, sample below:


Dance (Hip Hop) | Ages 8 - 13 

Innovative Teachers share the fundamentals of dance through various styles of dance, developing student’s artistic & creative competencies.


Acoustic Guitar(offered Virtual) | Ages 8 – 14  

Youth learn how to read standard musical notation, proper posture, hand positions and performance etiquette as well as experience performing and engaging with a group. 



Piano Lessons | Ages 5 – 18   

Youth obtain basic knowledge of music keyboard encounters. They

learn Beginning Music Theory and how to read music at a beginner’s level. There will also be worksheets and activities for practice at home. 

By appointment only.


Voice |Ages 5 – 18 

Youth learn proper breathing techniques, custodial care of the voice, and how to produce, maintain and improve better tone quality while singing songs of their choice and those assigned by the instructor. There will also be worksheets and activities to help individual progress for practice at home. By appointment only.


Gymnastics(Fall only) | Ages 6 – 14 

Youth will be taught correct methods of stretching, tumbling, and develop upper/lower body strength, especially for those interested in cheerleading and acrobatics.

Attire: Athletic clothing, including tennis shoes.


YOU LEAD for Youth Leadership | Ages 9 - 14 

Youth are exposed to various professions,  receive training to enhance soft skills, test taking skills, financial literacy and assess career interests. Youth also engage in coding, design thinking, aeroponic gardening and recreational activities.


Green St. Louis Machine | Ages 5 – 18 

Youth learn to grow healthy food with aeroponic “Tower Gardens”. Youth also engage with a STEAM based curriculum and make

nutritious meals.


Project Make - It | Ages 9 - 14

  Youth design an operating mini golf course using recycled material and elements of engineering, coding and design thinking. 


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