Career Exploration Workshops & Luncheon with a Mentor | Grades 8 – 12  

An enrichment program that exposes youth to various career paths, provides opportunities to gain and build on soft skills and connects them with members of the community who serve as mentors. There are multiple $500 and $1,000 college scholarships awarded to graduating seniors based upon academic excellence, extra-curricular activities and essay responses. Scholarship winners must be or become Mathews-Dickey members.



 Questions? Please contact Ty Howard: 314-679-5232  or


Earn & Learn | Ages 13 +  

Grows young people’s understanding of the work force, allowing them to earn income during the summer day camp. The program includes baseball, basketball and softball official/umpire training.


Participants learn the rules of different sports, conflict resolution, safety, healthy eating habits, how to properly complete employment and tax forms, professional dress attire and how to conduct an interview. The goal is to teach each youth how to get a job, keep it and advance!

Season: Year Round

Fees: Membership + $25 Activity Fee per session/program


Questions? Please contact Joyce Jones 314-679-5251 or with any questions about our

Earn & Learn program.


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