Our summer program keeps kids safe and engaged in beneficial activities during the summer. Camp activities include sports and recreation, academic enrichment, music, performing arts, cultural-awareness, entertainment and job skills for youth throughout the

St. Louis-metropolitan area. The camp provides a safe environment, led by experienced staff. Breakfast and lunch are provided daily.


When: June 14th - Aug 6th

Drop off: 7:30 AM Pick up: 4:30 PM 


Who: Youth ages 6 - 18


Cost:$50 Membership fee + $250 for 6 weeks. Every child will receive a partial scholarship, proof of household income required.

Payment in full is due prior to attending the camp.



All participants must complete a summer camp registration form. Payment may be made in person or over the phone. On site registration by appointment only, please contact Joyce Jones, (314)679-5251.


Hours: June 1st - June 4th 10am - 5pm. June 7th - June 11th 10am - 5pm






Changes due to Covid-19


What is the registration process?

A registration form can be completed in person or online above. 

Payment can be made over the phone by calling Joyce Jones at 314-679-5251, Rayna Sullivan at 314-679-5250, or in person by appointment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Cash, Check and Money Order.

Payment is required prior to the first day of camp. Each child will be assigned to a group prior to or on the first day of camp.


What is the daily drop-off procedure?

A summer camp staff will meet your child(ren) at your vehicle each morning. The staff member will complete a health questionnaire for each child and take their temperature. Any child that has been in contact with anyone that has experienced symptoms of covid-19 or has a temperature over 100.4 they will not be allowed in the camp. Each child must sanitize and wash their hands upon entering the building and check in using their ID.


What is the daily pick-up procedure?

Parents/ Guardians will have a sign with their child(ren) name to display in their front windshield. They will pull up to the pick-up area near the upper gym and the summer camp staff will escort your child(ren) to your vehicle.


What is the camp structure?

Youth will be in groups of 9 with one instructor. Each group is divided by age group and will have its own schedule. Lunch times will be scattered. Transitions between classes will be scattered so no more than one group is in the hallway at one time.


What activities will take place?

All activities will be implemented as non-contact and social distance allows. Each group will enjoy field activities, basketball, tennis, math, science, art and recreational activities. The older youth will have ACT prep, financial literacy and career readiness. There will be no field trips or large group activities this summer.


What safety measures will be in place?

All staff and youth will be required to wear masks. There will be several hand sanitizing stations throughout the building. Each room in the building has a max capacity based on social distancing guidelines. Throughout the building there will be “X” marks to maintain a 6-foot distance between individuals. All youth will receive their own pack of supplies they will be responsible for bringing each day. All water fountains will be closed however other drinking stations will be available, we recommend you bring a reusable water bottle.

We will be following guidelines of the City of St. Louis.





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