MDBGC Receives Large Donation From Emmy Award Winning St. Louis Native


Who Is Sterling K. Brown?

The  alum believes that, “People overlook St. Louis, but we’ve got great food, good music, and quality people who come from this place. I couldn’t be prouder to call St. Louis home.”

There’s much people don’t know about Emmy Award winning actor and star of NBC’s “This is Us,” Sterling K. Brown. Better known to the world as Randall Pearson from "This is Us".

Explore St. Louis’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Hall,  says, “Sterling is the perfect person to help us tell St. Louis’ story through In the Know…He represents everything good about our city – he’s kind, charming, hard working, witty, fun, and much more.”


Why Mathews-Dickey Holds A Special Place In His Heart

Brown’s connection to MDBGC dates back decades, starting with The late Arris Banks, Sr. (his grandfather), was a club donor in its early days. Brown himself tutored at Mathews-Dickey and his cousin played football.

In exchange for his participation in the spots, Brown requested a donation be made in his name to the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club. The donation will help fund the club’s Blue Chip

Scholar-Athletic Initiative. Watch the first two spots here.